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spring cleaning for the soul

How I wish it were spring. It is a dreary, cold, New England March day, and today I have made the official pronouncement: I am ready for spring.  Now, I adore New England winters. I love the cold days, the snow, the slightly ever-grey sky, the excuse to curl up with a good book and a mug of coffee. But inevitably at some point I start to pine for spring, and that time is now.

Since I can’t make spring weather appear, I decided to go to the next-best thing—spring cleaning! I found a great Spring Cleaning Challenge through Pinterest and decided to begin to ready our home for spring. I don’t know who came up with the idea of spring cleaning, but it is a brilliant concept—after a winter of being holed up in our apartment and baking almost every day, we are very much ready for a good spring cleaning.

Is Lent, perhaps, “spring cleaning for the soul?” We rush around the rest of the year, preparing for different milestones—both liturgical and non—4th of July picnics, the first day of school,  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas. Each season has its challenges and highlights. But Lent is quiet. Lent is reflective. It is sacrificial. It’s a time when we “clean house,” but in a spiritual way. Wouldn’t it be neat to make a spiritual spring cleaning list?  To think of all of the things I need to get rid of—grudges, hurt, guilt, misunderstandings—and try to work through each one before Easter?

Now is the perfect time. This Sunday is Laetare Sunday—Laetare is Latin for “Rejoice!” and this Sunday we rejoice that we are getting close to Easter.  Laetare Sunday is about the half way mark between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday, which makes it the perfect time to check in with myself about my Lenten journey.  Have I been keeping up with my additional prayers? Have I been sacrificing the little things that I promised I would?  I think that I may draft a list—a “soul cleaning” challenge—and pray that I can enter into the joyful Easter season with a clean heart, fully ready to embrace the wonder of Christ’s Resurrection. And of course, the warmer weather.

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