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The past few mornings, I have awoken to an epic battle: me versus my snooze button. I have been plagued by a bout of sheer laziness, exhaustion…I honestly don’t know what to call it. Suffice it to say, I’ve been walking around the past two days on auto pilot and generally feeling awful.

I keep a barrage of cliches, inspirational ideas, and problem solving techniques on hand for days like this. After all, I cannot afford such moments of laziness.  Who can? One such “lazy” evening means 20 less cuneiform signs that I’ve learned. Not possible in my world.

But alas, nothing could shake my crazy mood. Then this afternoon, I remembered one little adage I hadn’t yet pulled out of the arsenal: “Act the way I want to feel.”  This is a quote from a fantastic book I recently read, The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin. In the book, Rubin takes herself on a yearlong journey through her everyday life, looking for ways to become happier.

“Act the way I want to feel” seems a little fake at times, but it really works! This afternoon at work, when I remembered this, I started smiling energetically when undergrads came in asking silly questions about filing for taxes, and I moved through my work diligently, checking tasks off of my list. When I went to job #2, I went quickly through the stacks, selecting the right books, noting my full cart proudly. I wanted to feel energetic, so I started to act energetic. And it absolutely worked. Too bad this took me two days to remember.  Any other ideas for snapping out of funky moods?

So now, safely out of my lazy, procrastinating mood, I am off to a few hours of studying cuneiform!

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