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i was running

Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite movie in the entire world is Forrest Gump. Yes, it is a cinematic masterpiece–the drama, the romance, the comedy, the history–its all there. Love it. I, of course, love the famous “Run Forrest Run!” scene.

What I do not love, however, is running itself. Maybe I’m scarred from my childhood memories of always being the last kid to finish running the mile during PE, but I really do not like running. Some of my closest friends are avid runners and I badly want to love it. But I think running is so difficult, and I am so very bad at it.

This morning’s workout consisted of two miles of running.  For many people, two miles is a joke and can be accomplished quickly.  But this morning I saw the workout posted on the board and I thought about leaving. But I stuck it out, and it was indeed a terrible workout.  During the entire run, I felt sluggish and heavy and tired. I finished last in the class, which I guess doesn’t matter, because at least I finished.

But the coolest thing happened during the workout–unbeknownst to me, one of our coaches was filming all of the athletes running…after class, he sat each of us down, showed us the video of ourselves running, and talked us through technique and what we were doing wrong/right.  He pointed out some things that I never even realized before, and showed me how my technique was really slowing me down and wasting energy. I guess sometimes you just need someone to point things out to you.

So, armed with my new knowledge, I will hopefully overcome this mental block/hatred of running! Stay tuned to find out =)

leaving it behind

These next few weeks are arguably the most challenging weeks of the year for me–filled with final exams, final papers, finalizing summer plans. Each day is a race to learn as many signs as I can, write as many words as I can. I feel like I’m carrying around a backpack filled with rocks, and each time I finish something, I get to throw one rock out of my backpack…and gradually, my load gets lighter and lighter.

These tough weeks are just beginning, so right now my “backpack” is really, really heavy. I turned in a draft of my final paper yesterday, so I mentally checked one thing off the list and felt instantly a little lighter.

Since joining my Crossfit gym a few months ago, I have continuously seen parallels between our workouts and my life. This morning’s workout looked really easy on the board–three moves, done 1 time, 2 times, 3 times, all the way up to 10, and then back down to 1. Sounded tough, but manageable.  By the time I made it to 10 reps, I felt like I was going to pass out, and I still had to work my way all the way back to 1.

As I dropped to the floor to do push-ups, I noticed a growing puddle of sweat in my workout area. That is just disgusting, I am thinking to myself. Each time I drop down to do another push up, my little sweat puddle grows. I focus on this for a minute, and I suddenly got another burst of energy. Epiphany! Each morning I come to this gym, loaded down with my worries and thoughts about the coming day–today for example, I have my last quiz in both Akkadian and German (my two hardest classes) back-to-back–but when I’m in the box (what we call our gym), all that matters is pushing through. As I focus on each move, and sweat falls off me, I leave behind my worries about my inadequacies. I’ve left behind eight pounds in that gym already. And with each day, as my body gets stronger, so does my mind.

So today, get out there and push yourself–mentally, physically, emotionally–and feel the exhilaration, the freedom of knowing you’ve left something behind you.

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